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Kuih/Kueh Recipes

Ang Ku kuih/kueh
Baked Tapioca Kuih
Ban Chang Kuih
Hong Kong Style Radish Cake
Kuih Dadar
Kuih Lapis
Kuih Sago
Kuih Tu Tu
Pak Tong Koh (Chinese Steamed Rice Cake)
Steamed Pumpkin Cake
Steamed Tapioca Kuih/Kueh
Yam Cake

Cake Recipes

Chinese Steamed Egg Cake
Creamy Strawberry Rolls
Marble Cake
Nice And Easy Banana Cake
Pandan Layered Cake
Quick And Easy Nutella Cake
Tropical Durian Cake
Victoria Sandwich Cake

Bread Recipes

Basic Sweet Bun Dough
Mexican Coffee Buns
Plaited Raisin Rings
Special Nutella Buns
Sweet Little Roasted Meat Buns
Tasty Little Butter Buns

Dessert Recipes

Longan Pudding
Mango Sago Dessert

Dim Sim

Chee Cheong Fun


Banana Fritters
Crispy Fried Shallots
Fried Wontons
Potatoes Curry Puff
Sweet Potato Ball

Cookies Recipes

Almond Bread (Biscouti)
Almond cookies
Almond Crunch
Chocolate Chip And Walnut Cookies
White Chocolate And Nuts Cookies

Chinese Festival Food

Alkaline Dumpling
Chinese Rice Dumpling (Bak Zhang)
Fried Nian Gao
Kuih Rose
Shanghai Mooncakes
Snowskin Mooncake
Sweet Potato Huat Kueh
Plain Glutinous Rice Balls (Tang Yuan)
Traditional Lotus Paste Mooncakes

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