Kuih Making Tips

  1. Do follow closely the amount of each ingredient used for every recipe; this is to ensure that the tastes of the resulting kuih do not stray from original.
  2. Sift all flour and powder ingredients consciously and look out for lumps!
  3. You may substitute fresh pandan juice with pandan essence, but only fresh pandan juice can fully enhance the flavour of kuih. Should it not be available, use pandan essence instead.
  4. Be sure to bring the water in the steamer to a boil before placing the batter in to cook. Reserve some boiling water aside to add them into the steamer when necessary. Do not add cold water because then, the temperature in the steamer will fall drastically.
  5. Use fresh squeezed coconut milk for the best flavour. Wrap grated coconut with a piece of cotton cloth of bag, add adequate amount of water (about half a cup of water to one coconut, or no water at all) and squeeze to attain thick coconut milk. After squeezing out the first batch of coconut milk, add water to the grated coconut and squeeze again for a second time to get thin coconut milk.