Steamed Durian Tapioca Ball

Steamed Durian Tapioca Ball

Steamed Durian Tapioca Ball

Ingredients A
Grated white coconut : 250g
Salt : ¼ tsp

Ingredients B
Durian flesh : 150g (blended)

Ingredients C
Grated tapioca : 500g
Coconut milk : 250g
Tapioca flour : 120g

Ingredients D
Water : 300g
Sugar : 275g
Pandan : 4 leaves

  1. Method:
    Combine Ingredients A, steam with high heat for 10 min, set aside to cool.
  2. Mix Ingredients B and C into a mixing bowl till well combine.
  3. Bring Ingredients D to a boil over high heat till sugar dissolves, discard pandan leaves, pour into mixture of tapioca immediately, combine well, pour into a 22cm pre-lined with banana leaf steaming tray.
  4. Steam with medium heat for 45 minutes till cooked, remove and leave to cool.
  5. Shape into small balls by using a metal spoon, coat with steamed grated coconut and serve.

Recipe source: My Cookbook

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